CASARA Zone Locations


CASARA Ontario extends its reach across the province. A listing of our zones and a short Bio may be found here.

Zone 3 – Thunder Bay

Established in 1986, the Northwestern Ontario Air Search and Rescue Association (NOASARA) provides the citizens of Northwestern Ontario with a professionally trained volunteer group who can conduct aerial searches for downed aircraft, missing or in-distress watercraft, and missing or lost persons, on a quick response basis.  NOASARA is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated in the Province of Ontario and is a registered charitable foundation.
Our mission is to train and maintain a group of local volunteer aircraft owners, pilots, navigators, spotters, and ground crew to provide both initial response and secondary search support to the Canadian Armed Forces for aerial searches in Northwestern Ontario.

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Zone 5 – Sault Ste. Marie

Sault Search And Rescue (SSAR) started out in 1958 with a group of men who recognized the need to create a search group for missing hunters. Over the formative years, this group covered ground, air and water searches, using their own personal vehicles, boats and aircraft – all at their own expense.

SSAR was a founding member of Civil Air Search And Rescue Association (CASARA). Founded in the fall of 1984, SSAR CASARA Zone 05 now operates out of the “Mac Nicholson Rescue Centre” at 246 Industrial Park Cres. Based at the Sault International Airport (CYAM) are two aircraft – one privately owned and one rental.

SSAR CASARA Zone 05 works in conjunction with SSAR Ground (OSARVA) and Marine (CGA), all out of the same facilities. Many members are cross-trained in all three divisions. Along with aircraft we have access to snow-machines, ATV’s, boats, a mobile kitchen, mobile command centre, and other ground vehicles. Also, we volunteer with COPA Chapter 66 during the annual “COPA For Kids” introductory flights.

SSAR CASARA Zone 05 monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. As with the other CASARA Ontario Zones, our members constantly train to upgrade skills, maintain currencies and support 424 Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC), Trenton. Zone 05 serves the Algoma District, from Wawa to Elliot Lake, or wherever the need arises.

Our mission statement “That Others May Live” coincides with SSAR’s “To Faithfully Serve”.

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Zone 7 – New Liskeard

Temiskaming Search and Rescue, one of nine zones in the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) in Ontario had its primary meeting in November 1988, spearheaded by Brian Bowen, the local minnow man. All local pilots were contacted plus any other interested parties. This  was the first meeting of what was to become the backbone of a strong local organization known as TEMSAR.

A meeting and flight ensued in February 1989 when a Buffalo rescue aircraft arrived at Earlton Airport from the Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Trenton, to begin by giving new members the academic training and a flight to be a Military Spotter. Captain Bill Fox and SAR Technicians were part of the crew of the Buffalo.

The zone meets and trains at the TEMSAR HQ, Earlton Airport. Training includes outdoor survival, compass work, air to ground and marine radio work, St. John’s Ambulance First Aid, Electronic Locater Transmitter tracking, GPS training, spotter and navigator training. Our members are trained to spot from the CC-130 Hercules and ch-146 Griffon Helicopters.

All of this… “That Others May Live”

Please email for more information or check us out on Facebook at Temiskaming Search and Rescue – Temsar or Twitter @TemSAR7

Zone 8 – North Bay

Civil Air Search and Rescue Association Zone 8 CASARA North Bay responds to requests from the Canadian Forces Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Trenton, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), West Nipissing and the North Bay City Police forces. We fly privately owned or rented airplanes, mostly a Cessna 206 and 210 on searches. Spotters, if available, may be deployed on the CC-130 Hercules aircraft on actual searches anywhere in the Trenton Search and Rescue region.

As a recognized zone of CASARA Ontario and CASARA National, CASARA North Bay will provide qualified, current and Department of National Defense (DND) reviewed volunteer services as recognized by the agreements CASARA has with DND and the OPP.

We are actively seeking new members. Members do not have to have a pilot’s license to participate in CASARA activities.  We will train you in the position of a CASARA Spotter, Navigator or ground search volunteer.

For more information about CASARA North Bay, please contact the Zone Director at 705-474-9111 or email us at

Zone 9 – Sudbury

SUDSAR (Sudbury District Civil Air Search and Rescue Association) was established in 1988 by a group of local pilots. Sudsar is a fully incorporated, non-profit, registered charitable organization. As a recognized zone of CASARA Ontario and CASARA National, SUDSAR will provide an organized and trained group of volunteers to aid and assist the Department of National Defence (DND) in the conduct of Search and Rescue (SAR), and Transport Canada in the promotion of aviation safety.

SUDSAR holds monthly meetings at our headquarters located at Sudbury Airport which is generously donated by the Sudbury Airport commision. Members of SUDSAR must attend regular training meetings and exercises to reach and maintain operational status. These meetings occur 1-2 times per month and may consist of Air Exercises or Ground Exercises or a combination of both. We are often called upon to assist and train with the SAR squadron from Trenton, Ontario, the 424 Squadron. Numerous other training opportunities arise throughout the year that both challenge and reward our dedicated SAR volunteers.

Positions within the organization consist of Pilots, Navigators, Spotters, Administrative personnel and Electronic Search Specialists. No previous aviation experience is required but would be an asset. Anyone interested can contact Paul Pressacco at or (705) 523-0791.

Zone 10 – London

Incorporated in 1980, London Air Patrol Inc., also known as CASARA London, is a member of the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) and is one of several units across Ontario and Canada. CASARA’s mission is to support Canada’s Search and Rescue (SAR) program and to promote aviation safety.

Our zone has a regular training plan that includes monthly meetings on the second Monday and SAREXs on the third Saturday of every month. We are often called upon to assist and train with the SAR squadron from Trenton, Ontario, the 424 Sqn. Numerous other training opportunities arise throughout the year that both challenge and reward our dedicated SAR volunteers. The result of this training commitment is a strong volunteer base of trained and organized volunteers who are ready to be called upon in an actual emergency. CASARA London’s pilots, navigators, spotters, and all manner of ground and administrative support personnel, collectively play a vital role in Canada’s Search and Rescue program across Southwestern Ontario and beyond.

Reach out to us for more information if you are interested in volunteering or supporting our efforts. Check out our website at CASARA London, Facebook,  follow us on Twitter @CASARA London or email us at for more information.

Zone 11 – Niagara

Civil Air Rescue Emergency Service (CARES Niagara) became operational in 1977. CARES Niagara was one of the founding members of the national Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) in 1986. CARES Niagara, based at Niagara District Airport (CYSN), can perform both air and ground search operations across Ontario.

Our greatest assets are our volunteer members who are trained to extremely high standards in whatever role they are qualified and choose to perform in. We have our own building which houses our operations area and classroom. We have our own ground communications vehicle and we fly two aircraft at this time, a Cessna 182 and a Cessna 337 Skymaster. We are capable of responding to land and marine requests for assistance with our twin-engine IFR (instrument flight rules) capability and stand ready to serve 24/7/365.

Check out our website at or our FaceBook page at CARES Niagara. Please email or call us at 905-684-0408 for more information.

Zone 12 – Ottawa

CASARA Ottawa is a fully mobile unit with no fixed base of operations and is organized to deploy to any location in Ontario to carry out operations in support of a search. All members of CASARA Ottawa are trained in basic first aid, and a number of our members are trained to an advanced level. While CASARA is not a first-response rescue organization, our members are trained to properly manage a crash scene, should they be the first on-scene. Our training also includes wilderness survival and wilderness first aid, especially for those members operating as active air or ground crew. CASARA Ottawa also has a significant contingent of skilled radio operators who support our operations through established radio facilities or through temporary field installations as required.

The Rockcliffe Flying Club provides support through the availability of facilities for classes and exercises, and by providing rental aircraft for exercises and searches. The Ottawa Flying Club provides support in the form of meeting facilities for our monthly meetings.

Members of CASARA must attend regular training meetings and exercises to reach and maintain operational status. CASARA Ottawa holds meetings on the third Tuesday of each month, and SAR exercises on the Saturday or Sunday following the meeting.

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Zone 14 – Edenvale

CASARA Edenvale, is a group of trained volunteers dedicated to the promotion of Aviation Safety, and to the provision of air search support to the National Search and Rescue Program.

Our members come from all walks of life. We are aircraft owners and pilots, as well as those who wish to receive training as spotters and navigators. Members receive training in the various positions, survival awareness, search techniques and procedures.

We assist the Canadian Forces (CF), RCMP, CCG and OPP with search and rescue in Ontario, or wherever they request our help….helping those in distress.

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