CASARA Ontario awards for 2023

CASARA Ontario awards for 2023


A major search, T2023-00173 C-GMVB, was called by the RCAF in March 2023 for a plane missing between Nakina and Fort Hope. Thunder Bay was identified for the Advance Task Force (ATF) deployment.
The leadership of NOASARA readily offered its ample and well resourced premises as the base for RCAF and CASARA assets (Hercules aircraft, Griffon and Cormorant for the RCAF and CASARA aircraft and crews from Niagara, Winnipeg and Regina), along with those of the Ontario Provincial Police, Coast Guard and the Ministry of Natural Resources.
In addition to providing all the space and amenities needed for such a complex operation, the entire membership of the zone stepped up to the plate to provide support in the office in any capacity required, on the helicopters and fixed-wing as spotters.
As assistant search master, Mr. Jim Geils played a crucial role in the coordination of everyone’s efforts.
The RCAF was most appreciative of NOASARA’s contribution to the conduct of this major search.  Their success also reflected very positively on our entire organisation.


Mr. Cooper is a long-standing member of CASARA and has been, for the last ten years, acting as training officer for the Zone.  In that capacity, he has organised and delivered training at the Zone monthly meetings.  More importantly, he has very carefully monitored members currency and identified what each and every member needs to stay current.  He has also prioritized those in need of currency in various SAREX’S, while ensuring trainees got the classroom and practice time they require to achieve certification.

Mr. Cooper owns his own plane, which he fitted with a homer. In that regard, he has achieved uncanny abilities to use it very effectively.  He is now in the process of fitting his airplane with camera mounts for use with the new technology being introduced.

As a very major achievement, Mr. Cooper was PIC in the successful search for a missing aircraft two years ago.

Finally, he has and continues to play a very important role in the development and upkeep of TMMS.