Monthly Archive: July 2016

CASARA water recovery of SAR Techs a success!

CASARA is always innovating. Earlier today, SAR Techs were recovered by a CASARA float plane back to the Sudbury Airport after conducting exercises on a northern Ontario lake. CASARA Ontario is working toward making this yet another tool in our kit as we evolve along with the changing needs of our Forces partners. This strategy would allow a Griffon helicopter on an actual rescue to carry more fuel armed with the foreknowledge that a CASARA aircraft could recover a SAR Tech if necessary after accommodating the added weight of the rescued person. The SAR Tech would simply remain behind to be recovered by CASARA.
Check out the links and photos below for more information…

CTV News Story

Sudbury Local News

The story below is by Colin Firth of South Side Story

The video below is compliments of a videographer from CASARA.